Staticast is a podcast website template, powered by Cecil and can be deployed in 1 minute with Netlify.



Staticast is a website generated by Cecil, so you need to download and run Cecil to build your website, then you can publish it where you want.

  1. Be sure PHP is available
  2. Download Staticast and install theme with composer install
  3. Download cecil.phar and move it to the root of Staticast


Use the button to get your own copy of the repository.

Deploy to Netlify

This will setup everything needed for running your website, with a CMS:

  • A new repository in your GitHub account
  • Continuous Deployment to Netlify's CDN
  • Control users and access with Netlify Identity
  • Manage content with Netlify CMS


Create a new episode

  1. Add the MP3 file in static directory
  2. Create a new Markdown file in content/episodes

Example (episode-1.md):

title: "Episode #1"
  file: /episode-1.mp3
Description of the episode.


  1. Run php cecil.phar serve
  2. Open http://localhost:8080


  1. Run php cecil.phar build
  2. Copy _site folder to your web server


See the config.yml file and more precisely the podcast section.